Cooperation for a Green Future

Working to enhance environmental security in Georgia

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Our Mission

Cooperation for a Green Future is a non-profit foundation in the Republic of Georgia working to identify and assess environmental problems, and develop and implement innovative solutions. Our work aims to enhance environmental security by increasing and maintaining the resilience of social and physical processes. Cooperation for a Green Future seeks to create and spread within the Georgian public a common vision for a progressive and ecologically sustainable society, identify potential pathways toward realizing this vision, and implement high-impact projects in this direction. Cooperation for a Green Future works to bring a prosperous, satisfying, and sustainable future for all Georgians.

Georgian history

Who We Are

The staff of Cooperation for a Green Future are dedicated environmental professionals working hand-in-hand with the Georgian people to preserve and enhance cultural and biological diversity. Our vision takes a long-term perspective on societies and lifestyles, by respecting the agrarian and artisanal Georgian heritage, building upon the benefits of the industrialized period, and projecting and pursuing a just and sustainable future society. We understand that successful development must respect and cultivate diversity across the Georgian nation, the greater Caucasus region, and the entire globe.

Environmental Security

Environmental security is a condition in which a community or nation ensures the continuing welfare of its population through forward-thinking management of its environment, including sustainable utilization of its natural resources. The strong linkage between environmental condition and human welfare is increasingly clear and important. The efforts of Cooperation for a Green Future are based on the understanding that effective environmental management can make a significant contribution to long-term social well-being, economic stability, and conflict prevention.

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